Date of Birth: 11 January 1951 (Capricorn)
Education: Calcutta Boys’ School |Presidency College, Calcutta
Bachelor of Arts: English (Honours): 1967-1970

Joined the Times of India in 1971 as a trainee. Within a few months moved to the Illustrated Weekly of India, then India’s largest selling magazine, as sub-editor                           and feature writer, and contributed a prolific number of stories. In the Weekly till 1973, when he was named editor of the news fortnightly, ONLOOKER, owned by the Free Press Journal Group in Mumbai.

In 1976 moved to Calcutta to join the Ananda Bazar                           Patrika Group as editor of                           SUNDAY, India’s first genuine political weekly. Within just three years of its launch, the investigative reporting pioneered by the magazine established its national circulation and number one position. The magazine took an uncompromising stand against the Emergency, and fought press censorship and dictatorship. SUNDAY not only established major trends in journalism but also spawned a new generation of journalists in the country

1982: After the success of Sunday, launched what would be called India’s first modern newspaper. Conceived, designed and edited the daily newspaper, THE TELEGRAPH, which had a major impact on newspaper journalism in India.

 1989: Left journalism for a brief stint in politics. Contested the general elections of 1989 from Kishanganj in Bihar on the Congress ticket, and despite the fact that the Congress was wiped out from the political map of the state, won his seat. Served in Lok Sabha (Parliament) from 1989 and 1991

1991: Joined Government as advisor in the Ministry of Human Resources, and helped policy planning in the key areas of education, the National Literacy Mission and protection of heritage.

1992: Resigned from government, and left politics in December 1992. Returned to journalism and full time writing. In 1993 started                           a new media company with the aim of creating India’s first newspaper that would not only include an international focus within its editorial range, but also be the first Indian daily with an international edition.

1994: This newspaper appeared in February.  
, India’s first global newspaper, was launched with initial editions in Delhi, Bombay, and London, and has now grown, in collaboration with the Deccan Chronicle, to eight editions, into a major media presence nationally and internationally.                           In 2004, the group began publishing THE INTERNATIONAL HEARLD TRIBUNE in India, and became a publishing partner of THE NEW YORK TIMES. Also Editor-in-Chief of the DECCAN                           CHRONICLE.

2008: Launched “COVERT” in mid May – A Fortnightly Political Magazine: An MJP Venture, M J Akbar as Chairman & Director, Covert Magazine


THE SUNDAY GUARDIAN : M J Akbar Launched The Sunday Guardian in Delhi on 31st January 2010 (Sunday).